Don’t Go It Alone: Approach the DOL’s P.A.I.D. Program With Your Lawyer

The U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division is piloting a new program under the Fair Labor Standards Act aimed ostensibly at resolving wage disputes without litigation. This new program, named P.A.I.D (Payroll Audit Independent Determination), will be in effect for a short time and then go under review. Under P.A.I.D., companies may self-report […]

Get Well Soon! Complying with the Chicago and Cook County Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

If you’re a Chicagoland employer of as few as one employee who provides employees only vacation time (or no paid time at all) to cover absence when family health and emergency situations strike, come July 1, 2017 you may be breaking the law. What to do? Call your employment lawyer in the morning and follow her prescription. Here’s what to discuss during your office visit.