Employers and other law firms trust Savine Employment Law, Ltd. to provide expert, independent, professional and confidential workplace investigations in the areas of harassment, discrimination, policy and code of conduct violations and other legal violations.

At Savine Employment Law, Ltd., we understand that any workplace investigation must be personalized to your business structure, workplace culture, and your unique needs. The methods we utilize allow us to conduct a full and impartial, yet efficient and discrete, investigation.

Relying on Savine Employment Law, Ltd. as opposed to in-house resources to conduct your workplace investigation can serve a multitude of benefits. A business’s internal legal or HR staff often lacks the capacity, objectivity, and necessary experience to conduct an appropriate, defensible investigation. Further, the law firm a business typically relies upon may wish to avoid conducting the investigation itself for fear of making its own lawyers witnesses in later litigation over the matter under investigation.

You can count on Savine Employment Law, Ltd. to:

  • Speak with relevant parties including the accuser, your management team, and employees with knowledge of the event;
  • Review and catalog any evidence available that may corroborate or disprove the allegations;
  • Render an independent and unbiased report of the results of our investigation;
  • Provide your business with recommendations on what steps to take next; and
  • When appropriate, structure the investigation to provide the legal protections that come with using a lawyer-investigator, including attorney-client confidentiality.

Our unique business model and experience representing employers and employees, enables Savine Employment Law, Ltd. to deliver credible, high-quality workplace investigative services in a cost-effective and flexible manner, making our workplace investigation services ideal for both small and large businesses.


We’re here to help with all your employment legal needs.