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HR Pros, We’ve Got You: Savine Employment Law, Ltd. Extends Its Sponsorship Of HRHotSeat

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Savine Employment Law Extends Its Sponsorship of HRHotSeat

For the second year running, Savine Employment Law, Ltd. is sponsoring the inclusive HR Mastermind’s group, HRHotSeat. The group, founded by HR management consultant, Erich Kurschat of Harmony Insights, LLC, supports HR specialists of all levels and specialties in problem solving and professional growth.

Through the Mastermind’s process, HR professionals and HR-adjacent professionals bring their solutions, resources and connections to help members gain immediate progress in solving HR challenges.

“HRHotSeat creates a generous circle for its participants. I share my thought leadership and employment connections with the group while gaining insights into current HR challenges and practices that I might not have a view to otherwise,” says Gary N. Savine, founder and principal of Savine Employment Law, Ltd. “I’m continuing my firm’s sponsorship of HRHotSeat to show my support for this amazing group and help keep it going strong.”

Savine encourages HR professionals to regularly attend HRHotSeat’s monthly meetings. For more information, check out HRHotSeat here:

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Gary Savine is an Illinois employment lawyer and founder of Savine Employment Law, Ltd. in Chicago. Gary regularly advises human resources professionals on recently enacted employment laws.

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Gary Savine is the founder of Savine Employment Law, Ltd. in Chicago. For assistance with your employment matter, contact us today!

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