Illinois Gender Violence Act

Landmark Ruling Expands Rights for Harassment Victims in Illinois

Harassment, Workplace Violence

Appeals Court raises the stakes significantly for employers who tolerate, neglect or ignore workplace harassment.

Since the IGVA’s passage, employment lawyers have debated whether a business qualified as a “person” that could be found liable under the Act for harassment involving violence, since the IGVA allows for suits only against “persons.” In Gastic v. Marquette Management, Inc the Court of Appeals Third District ruled that business entities, like corporations, may be “persons” who can be sued under the IGVA “under some circumstances.”

The court’s ruling leaves open many questions, including under what specific circumstances would a business potentially face liability, and even whether other Illinois courts or the Illinois Supreme Court will embrace the ruling. Until such questions are answered, Illinois employers should expect victims of sexual harassment involving violence or threats of violence to include IGVA claims in their harassment lawsuits.

This, of course, is just another reason it’s imperative for employers to monitor their workers and those who come in contact with them for individuals with violent propensities, and to take all reasonable steps to protect their workforce from harm from such persons — for instance, by enacting and enforcing zero-tolerance policies for violence and workplace bullying, conducting anti-bullying and harassment prevention training, and investigating and responding to harassment complaints as soon as they arise.

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