If you are a worker who has experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, you know all too well how painful and career-altering such conduct can be.

Discrimination takes many forms and can impact your hiring, compensation, prospects for promotion or even get you fired.

Harassment involves unwelcome conduct by supervisors, coworkers or others that is so offensive, intimidating or abusive that it changes your work environment or impacts your performance. It can permanently harm your work relationships, emotional and physical health and even your career.

Savine Employment Law, Ltd. represents Chicago and Illinois workers who have suffered illegal workplace discrimination and harassment. We help individuals identify and evaluate their discrimination and harassment claims, chart paths for resolution, and pursue those paths zealously on their behalf.

We have deep experience handling claims under federal, state and local laws for discrimination and harassment based on sex, pregnancy, family responsibility, parental status, race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, arrest record, criminal conviction record, credit history, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, LGBTQ status, marital status, disability, age, genetic information, protective order status, military status, and use of law products outside working hours, among others.


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