Employee Testimonials

Gary was always prompt and respectful of my time. He was gracious and knew with absolute precision when we needed to work with one another from a timeline perspective. He was always extremely professional, organized and straight to the point. He always offered options when it came down to me making an informed decision. The best experience I have had with counsel in my life.

Gary is a class act and an extremely competent attorney. He operated with a sense of urgency and provided maximum transparency to me throughout the process while negotiating with my employer. He delivered results which met all of my primary objectives.

This was the first time I ever had or needed an attorney, and I’m so glad it was Gary! He explained complex legal issues to me in an easy-to-understand way, and was able to frame options for me to select. This was a challenging time for me emotionally, and whereas I may have given in on some items, he was a strong advocate and negotiated much better terms for me. He was very responsive and accessible when I needed him most. Gary also seems like a genuinely nice person, so someone who could be a great neighbor, friend or attorney.

Gary was wonderful. I couldn’t have been luckier when he decided to take my case. It was a very emotional time and Gary was very honest with outcomes and provided all the information that I needed to know. He was a key figure in this journey.

When it comes to negotiation, Gary’s skills can appear almost magical. I hired Gary to help me with an executive-level transition, as I was exited from a six-figure job and starting a new job with a direct competitor. Gary identified hidden traps in the severance offer from my former employer that could have resulted in me losing both the severance and my job. He then negotiated with my former employer to clear the traps and protect my severance, without burning any of my professional bridges. Gary really knows how companies think. In my case, it translated into great results. Gary makes it look easy.